Email Marketing Edmonton

Get in touch with leads again

Email marketing

Get in touch with leads again

Email Growth

We grow your email list to begin a digital database of your leads, and follow-up with them to convert them into sales. This process also involves the ability to sort the different leads, to determine which leads clicked and bought, and what this means. It is important to sort incoming leads, and previous customers. We do this through a number of means, the biggest being our email automation.

Email Sequencing

We are able to see and view who has previously purchased an item from us through these means, and then separate them from the leads. Why is this important? This provides an immense opportunity for your business to offer prior customers better email deals, rather than the new leads, to properly build your customer loyalty program.


Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are one of our primary strategies in email marketing. We segment your clients by engagement, and drip specific emails to them based on behaviours for our email marketing Edmonton. We focus on a return of that customer to your business.

Direct Communication

Edmonton Email Marketing is one of the highest converting tools in our company. With emails being one of the most efficient ways to directly contact a lead; drip campaigns will turnover your lead into a client.