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Partners on and off the field – Signing Derel Walker and Click Car Canada

When I first met Derel Walker, we were teammates playing for the Edmonton Eskimos. The closer the game brought us, the further into the future we looked for what we wanted out of our careers and lives. After a disappointing injury I received from playing, I set out to rebuild and rebrand my life in the world of marketing. We knew back then that working together in business was our end goal, and we’ve finally made it.

Partners on and off the field - Signing Derel Walker and Click Car Canada 1

Recently our company, Supreme Level Media, landed a huge deal with Derel and Click Car Canada. As Walker is currently still a player for the Eskimos, and most definitely an influencer, signing him marks a milestone for both the company and our friendship. While signing Walker, we were also able to land him a brand new 2018 Cadillac XTS from Click Car Canada. Throughout this next year, we hope to see Walker and the new collaborative deal with Click Car Canada, grow into bigger and better things as the relationship progresses. I think it can be said with confidence that since we’ve been able to put Walker in a brand new car, that the benefits for all parties will continue to enhance all our futures.

This is only the beginning of a year long relationship amongst brands, but we are ready and eager to see what the future brings. Finally being able to see our dream come true is what it’s all about. Life may have taken me down a path that wasn’t exactly in line with my plans, but being able to set the framework for this new company, and watch as it grows and creates new connections internationally, has made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it.



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