The Facebook Pixel: An Essential Marketing Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

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If you’re utilizing Facebook ads, or in the event that you intend to use them in the future, there’s one key device you should implement immediately to get the most out of your social advertisement spending plan: the Facebook Pixel.

The Pixel is important because not only does it allow you to measure your conversions (see what devices your customers convert from), it also allows you to gain more information about your customers and target audience, giving you the capability to get very specific about your targeting, so you don’t waste money.


A Facebook Pixel is a code that you add to the backend of your site. It allows you to track conversions from Facebook advertisements, optimize ads based on data it collects, build audiences for future promotions, and re-market to qualified leads — people who have already made some sort of move on your site. It works by setting and activating cookies to track clients as they connect with your site and your Facebook ads.


Right off the bat, the Pixel enables you to check out how individuals communicate with your site after interacting with your Facebook ad. You can even track clients across their multiple devices so you know, for instance, if they tend to see a mobile version of your ad first but switch to desktop for the point of contact — or, possibly it’s the opposite way. This data can enable you to refine your promotional ads.

Second of all, Pixel data tracking allows you to show focused promotions to individuals who have previously gone to your site. You can get truly granular here — for instance, you can show people an ad for the exact item that they deserted in a shopping cart/wish list on your site. This ability is the reason you need to make a Facebook Pixel now, regardless of whether or not you’re currently using Facebook ads — so you have retargeting capabilities starting off from your very first Facebook advertisement.

Thirdly, you can make carbon-copy audiences. Facebook can utilize its targeting data to enable you to assemble a lookalike group of people who have similar preferences, interests, and demographics to people who currently interact with your site, helping you extend your potential client reach.

On top of all this, you will be running more effective ads in general. Using a Facebook Pixel can make your ads more successful by enhancing the nature of the promotions you run, and by enhancing the targeting of the general population who see them. In addition to revamping your advertisements based on their effectiveness, you can utilize Facebook Pixel information to optimize the delivery of your content to people who are more likely to purchase your products/services.

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